Added insulation in the attic will make the upstairs rooms more comfortable in the summer. It will also reduce your cooling and heating loads, saving you money on your utility bills. Just to give a rough idea of your savings, consider this: Let’s assume your attic is 1,500 square feet and it is currently insulated… Read More

Keep cool and save money on air conditioning too. Here are the five best ways to cut costs and improve your AC system. Overview: Costs and savings Staying cool is expensive. In a hot climate like Texas, the average family spends about $600 a year on cooling. In the Midwest, it’s about $300. But costs… Read More

  As homeowners, that they should probably insulate their attic, but what are the actual benefits of attic insulation? Most homeowners and contractors choose to insulate for multiple reasons, including the cost and energy savings. Below, we have listed some of the most talked-about potential attic-insulation benefits. Benefit #1: Cost Savings The vast majority of… Read More