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After your inspector finds all of the entry points, a copy of his report will be given to you and another copy will be given to our exclusion technician.

The exclusion technician will repair and seal all of the entry points. This process is known as rodent proofing.

Rats & mice can do a lot of damage! Rats can burrow through and chew wood, sheetrock, insulation, vapor barrier, a lot of other structural and stored items.

They can chew entry holes anywhere from the ground to the roof and only need an opening a 1/4 of an inch to gain access.

The exclusion technician will complete all of the repairs and as well as remove any dead rats or mice.

rodent proofing

Rodent proofing a home or building requires knowledge, skill, and the proper materials. The gallery below illustrates all the various things rats and mice chew through to gain entry into your home.

  • Severe health problems.
    Rodents are known vectors for several forms of bacterial diseases, and when rodent droppings and urine mix with dust particles, usually in your ventilation system, it can trigger Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome—a serious medical condition.
  • Bites and scratches.
    Startling mice and rats can lead to minor injuries that nevertheless may spread typhus and other diseases, in addition to fleas and ticks that can quickly spread around your home.
  • Electrical damage and fires.
    Rodents love to chew through electrical wiring in both homes and automobiles. In fact, over 15,000 fires a year in the US alone can be attributed to rodent damage.
  • Structural damage.
    Not content to chew on plastic and rubber only, the relentless teeth of rodents may be brought to bear on wood, metal, glass, and even cinder-block in your home, leading to extensive damage to your home structure and insulation and ventilation systems.
  • Mental stress.
    The pitter-patter of rodent feet in the ceiling or walls can keep you up at night and destroy your peace of mind. Prevent infestation with comprehensive rodent control strategies before it becomes a major embarrassment.
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