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When the Whole house fan is turned on, the fan will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air.

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Whole-house system can be used instead of an air conditioner most of the year in most climates. Similar to attic fans, whole-house fans push hot, stale air out of the attic to help cool your home, office or building. However, instead of simply pushing the hot air out of the attic, a whole-house fan pulls cool air into the home through an open window and flushes hot air out of the home via your attic vents.

Whole house attic fans cost much less to operate than air conditioning and are relatively easy to install. Whole house fans cool by providing air flow, ventilation, by lowering attic temperatures. Quiet whole house fans are also energy efficient and rebates are available from many energy or electric companies to help offset the cost of installing your fan system. Also, make sure you order and install the proper number of fans based on your homes' square footage..

whole house fan installation
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